Hoop Flow Love - Embodied Hoop Dance Cape Town South Africa

This is Hoop Flow Love

A movement revolution, changing lives and inspiring dreams through embodied hoop dance.

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Hoop Flow Love - Embodied Hoop Dance Cape Town South Africa

We are Basil and Sandy…

Hoop Flow Love was born out of our love and passion for each other and the hoop. We believe in the profound power of transformation that happens when we step into the circle and give our selves permission to play and explore.

You deserve absolutely everything that you can imagine for yourself. – Anon

We offer Beginner 6 week series’ course for the complete beginner, Beyond Basic classes for hoopers who love to learn in a community space and Multi-Level Drop In classes for those who want to give hooping a try and meet other hoopers already in the community. Classes are held in Sea Point and Fish Hoek.
We hand make all of our hoops. We have basic beginner hoops, stunning shiny hoops and polypro hoops for the more experienced hooper. We are also suppliers of proudly South African fire and LED hoops. All our hoops are custom made for kids and adults.
Hoop Flow Love Inspired Teacher Training
After teaching for more than 5 years we are busy writing the ‘Inspired Teacher Training’ course. The course is aimed not only at hoop dance teachers but any movement based teacher who wants to inspire and positively impact the lives of their students. Our launch date is September 2017. We hope to inspire you to sign up.
Our kids parties have become an awesome craze for ages 8 – 14. It’s one hour of pure hoopiness, with games tricks and hoop jamming. We even bring hoops for the kids in adult skins to try out, it’s fun for everyone.
Other than classes we have a few rad events that we host or are dreaming of hosting. Already in flow are our fire classes for anyone who wants to learn to spin fire safely, Rock Your Hoop, a full day jam packed with hoop workshops run by different  hoopers, and Circle of Fire, a weekend long fire dancing camp. In 2017 we hope to expand Rock Your Hoop to Joburg.
We love to share the joy of hooping at festivals, fairs and markets. We are so much more than just hoopers, stall holders or entertainers, we create a space that invites and inspires people of all ages to pick up a hoop and be joyful. Our space encourages people to hang out, engage and connect. Try us.
Occasionally one of us will write an awesome little article, sometimes to do with hooping and sometimes to do with other stuff we find interesting. Feel free to drop in, read a bit and if there’s something you are curious about ask us a question or write us your story.

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