Online Beginners Hoop Dance Course

Are you new to hooping and don’t know where to start? Are you already a hooper and want to start teaching?


Our hugely successful six week beginner hoop dance series is being converted into a comprehensive online course.


The course is for the absolute beginner. It covers all the basics needed to kickstart your hooping journey. It is also an excellent resource for budding hoop dance teachers. Use the concepts and create your own teaching rhythm.


Our beginner hoop dance series has brought joy and healing to many hoopers around South Africa and the world.


Make the joy yours!

About Us


Finding the hula hoop was a life changing experience. It unlocked something inside me I can’t quite explain. I became more embodied and less caught up in my mind. I felt JOY.


The hula hoop unleashed a fresh flow of inspiration and creativity. It became the source of my self expression and taught me to live from a place of authenticity… most of the time! 


While I love developing my hoop skills my favourite place to be with the hoop is flowing with the basics. It is here that I feel most connected to my self and can use the hoop as a tool for meditation and healing.


It is this aspect of hooping that I love to share and facilitate the most. I chose to do my teacher training with Shakti Sunfire as she truly embodied that deep flowing connection that I felt with my hoop.


I completed my Elemental Hoop Dance teacher training with Shakti in January 2016. 


In the first few weeks of hooping I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do what my teachers could do.  I said to myself , “I can’t do that.” But my hooping friends just kept telling me, “Yes you can.”


This was, and remains today, one of the most important lessons the hula hoop has taught me. Don’t listen to that voice saying “You can’t.”


I practiced daily, persevered and found a drive and motivation that wasn’t present in my life before. My hoop journey created for me a wealth of experiences that I never dreamed of having. I became a hoop dance teacher, started a business, became a fire performer and found the love of my life. Through these and countless other experiences I have grown as an individual, become more grounded and, most importantly, I always know where to find my joy.


I am forever grateful to these plastic circles we call hula hoops.