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World Hoop Day Cape Town

It’s time to get down and boogey with your hoop again as World Hoop Day is just around the corner!

Come join us in De Waal Park for a day of play and celebration in honour of the plastic hoop that has revolutionised so many of our lives (pun totally intended!). Start Time is 2pm and proposed end is 5pm followed by some fire dancing. This year’s event will be held in support of Circles for Life and all money raised will go towards their fantastic Flow Arts programme that brings flow arts and circus skills to underprivileged youth in Cape Town. Visit Circles of Life:- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/circlesoflifeSA/  Website: http://circlesoflife.co.za/

Entrance is FREE!

Hanging out, picnicking and playing with the flow toys is all free. Participation in some of the organised activities will cost R30 or less per person per activity – or you can buy the whole Participation Bundle for R60 that grants you access to all the shenanigans we have planned for you!

Participation Bundle.

Purchase our participation bundle for R60 from Quicket, receive the super magical arm band and be rewarded with 3 awesome activities and prizes to be won. The money from our participation bundles goes towards Circles of Life a local flow arts non-profit. This is not an event ticket, the celebration is free.


If you are one of those awesome people who love to contribute to a good cause, but can’t join in the fun on the day, you can still buy the Participation Bundle on Quicket and the money will be donated straight to Circles for Life. The future hooping prodigies of Cape Town will thank you!

World Hoop Day Cape Town 2016 prizes

Awesome Prizes to be Won!

Thanks to a bunch of cool people we have some incredible prizes to give away to the winners of the AMAZING HOOP RACE and the PASSION SHOW.

Thank you to FireTribe, FlowDNA and Van Hunks for their generous prize donations.

PURCHASE YOUR PARTICIPATION TICKET so you can join in the activities where you can WIN WIN WIN and have FUN!

All the Hoopenings on the Day

Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details

Bring your toys and slacklines – or use ours – and have a good ol’ jam in the park. We’ll have some tunes (or bring along your acoustic instruments) and let’s have some fun!

Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details


It’s a lure!!! Catch them and hatch them while hooping!!!!

Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details

THE AMAZING HOOP RACE – R30 – PRIZES TO BE WON 2:30pm – 3pm (Incl. in participation bundle)

Grab a partner and a hoop and compete in our fabulously fun hooping race. Pairs will be given clues that guide them around the park in search of Quest Givers who will ask participants to complete a variety of different challenges. Can you hoop on your waist for 30 seconds? What about coercing a dog to jump through your hoop? Once you have completed all the challenges and received all your badges you’ll make a mad dash back to the starting point to earn yourself a array of exciting PRIZES!

Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details


(Incl. in participation bundle)

Grab a hoop and give your core a work out – will you survive the whole 30min?! You will be guided by the one and only Danie’l Bailey of HoopDance Fitness.

Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details

PASSION SHOW – R10 – PRIZES TO BE WON 4pm – 4:30ish (Incl. in participation bundle)

Have you got a talent you’re passionate about sharing? A new hoop trick? A song ‘n dance? Well then hop up on our stage and give it a whirl! Our crowd of enthusiastic supporters will be there to cheer you on and will be given a a chance to vote for the most spectacular, funniest or just down right ridiculous performance at the end. The winners will walk away with goodie bags filled with treats and vouchers!

World Hoop Day Participation Bundle

World Hoop Day Participation Bundle