Hoop Flow Love - Rock your Hoop - South African Hoop Convention
Hoop Flow Love - Hooping Cape Town

Mother City Hoop Convention – Rock your Hoop

A one day hoop convention.

Our vision is to grow Rock your Hoop from 4 workshops in one day to a full weekend convention, unearthing South Africa’s hoop heros and bringing hoop addicts together to learn and grow from them. To the international community we say ‘Welcome! Visit us any time and if you would like to attend or facilitate in a Rock your Hoop convention, we would love to have you.” Rock your Hoop Mother City Hoop Convention #MCHC2017 is our 2nd Cape Town event happening on April 1st 2017. September 2017 will be our first ever Joburg event, which we are so hooped about!! Watch this space for updates on this event.

The Mother City Hoop Convention – Rock your Hoop – Cape Town – April 1st 2017


Sea Point High School


9am – 5pm

Full Ticket


Per Workshop


Sandy-Dee Rock your Hoop Facilitator 2017


9am – 10:30am


Hooping since 2008 Sandy-Dee has been instrumental in growing the CT hoop community and has been teaching since 2011. Her passion is sharing the life lessons learnt inside the hoop and encouraging people to explore their potential beyond what they perceive as possible.

Infinite Possibilities

Comparing ourselves, judging ourselves, sitting and waiting in  the Hoop Doldrums are some of the unhappy places we can find ourselves along our hoop journey and even in life. This workshop is a kick up the bum to get you feeling inspired again, and to keep you inspired.

Core Elements

  • Happy Heart Rate
  • Exploring Limitations
  • Drilling for Fun
Mbalenhle Fires a Light Rock your Hoop Facilitator 2017

Mbalenhle Fire’s a Light

11am – 12:30pm


Winner of the African Hooper of the Year 2017 Hoopie Awards Mbalenhle has been hooping since 2012. She is a performer and hoop-dance teacher based in Cape Town. She loves teaching students the necessary tools for finding their own unique expression!


We take a foundation hoop trick – shoulder hooping – and spice it up by teaching you new ways to explore your hoop. Our main focus cover breaks & paddles, shoulder hooping technique and exploration. Be prepared to move and get out your comfort-zone!

Core Elements

  • Shoulder hooping
  • Flow
  • Expression
Daniel Bailey Rock your Hoop Facilitator 2017

Danie’l Bailey

1:30pm – 3pm


Nominated for African Hooper of the Year 2017 Hoopie Awards Danny has been hooping since August 2015. Daniel loves to incorporate rhythmic dance into his hooping and believes that finding your internal natural flow is your gateway to unlocking your limitless potential and becoming one with your hoop.

Variational Ghosting

Get ready to go on a ghosting journey like never before, from the very basic ghosting to advance ghosting techniques and creating beautiful eccentric rhythmic transitions and combining all elements of movement exploration and diving deep into your internal flow dance.

Core Elements

  • Basic and advanced ghosting techniques
  • Transitions
  • Integrating ghosting into flow
Basil Scordilis Rock your Hoop Facilitator 2017

Basil Scordilis

3:30pm – 5pm


Basil has been hooping since 2012 and is a master balancer. He is passionate about teaching and loves exploring contact hooping.

Balance in every Opportunity

We’ve all messed around with balancing different objects at some point in our lives – a broomstick, a stack of cards (or shot glasses) or a water bottle on your head. This balance workshop will take you into the fundamentals of balance with your hoop and how you can move with and use balance when you spin.

Core Elements

  • Basics of balance
  • Explore different body parts
  • Rolling with “mistakes”
Let us know you are coming on Facebook so we can easily connect with you with updated event details, what to bring, cool videos and to connect with the rest of the community who will be attending. Also if you need a new hoop we have some pretty rad tapes and polypro hoops, check them out in the link below.

Rock your Hoop – Joburg – September 25th 2017 – More to come!

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