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The Medicine Circle – Healing through Movement

Join Sandra-Dee on an exploration of the hoop in healing.

Moved by countless people including myself, who have experienced powerful shifts after beginning their journey with the hoop I am embarking on a journey of study.

Hoop dance is an embodied process, calling into awareness our physical, emotional, mental and imaginal intelligences. The awakening of these intelligences happens spontaneously within the hoop, but what happens if we were to consciously choose to focus on each intelligence? Does this bring about a deeper knowing and understanding of our authentic self?

What happens if we were to slow everything down and deepen our awareness to our bodies and in turn their connection with the hoop?

Does this conscious inward exploration and intentional outward expression have the power to heal on all levels?

What, if anything, can we learn about ourselves inside a simple plastic circle?


I hope you are as curious about this process as I am.

Would you like to participate in this exploration of healing?


Stage 1

6 sessions – 45 mins / session

Cost – R100 / session or a trade.

Sessions will begin in May – Dates to be discussed with participants

3 – 6 students required.

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