Hoop Dance Workshops

Curious about hoop dance or are you already a hooper looking for more inspiration? Our hoop dance workshops are designed to inspire all level of hooper. We hope you find something that awakens the hooper in you.

Beginner Hoop Dance Workshops

If you think you can’t…YOU CAN!

We have yet to meet someone who we cannot teach. So come give it a go. Come learn something new; LAUGH with us, EXPLORE with us and achieve something you may never have dreamed of.

This workshop guides you from waist hooping through the vortex, all the foundations you need to explore hoop dance on your own AND you have a community of new friends.

It is a JAM PACKED workshop so come prepared. We take a 20 min break in between to give ourselves time to assimilate what we have learnt.

After the workshop each participant will be emailed a link to a recap video to help you remember everything you’ve learnt so you can keep practicing.

Just bring yourself and we’ll bring hoops, smiles, hugs and silliness ♥ NB – Hoops are provided at the workshop.

You can also order a hoop before hand. Please order 2 WEEKS BEFORE.

Things to Know
  • Cost R250
  • Length 2.5hrs
  • Ages 13 and up
  • BOOKING ESSENTIAL – Booking form is at the bottom of the page.

We host these workshops in different areas around Cape Town and sometimes in Joburg.


Up Coming Beginner Workshops
  • January 23rd 2016 – Hout Bay – Completed
  • May 7th  2016 – Blouberg – BOOK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE – Stay connected on Facebook
  • July 2nd 2016 – Area to be decided – Request us in your area.
  • Sept 3rd 2016 – Area to be decided – Request us in your area.
  • Oct 29th 2016 – Area to be decided – Request us in your area.

Request a workshop in your area by using the booking form at the bottom of the page!

Skill or Tech Workshops

These workshops are for the intermediate upward hoopstar, because some things you just want to learn with other hoopers!

We look for talented local and international hoopers to share with us their incredible technique or we share with you some of our own technique and style.

Some workshops expand beyond the hoop realm to include other flow arts that can be adapted to the hoop or added to the hoop for example fans and staff.

We also teach fire dancing workshops which are not limited to the fire hoop but include other fire props.

Things to Know
  • Length: 1hr – 1.5hrs long
  • Cost: R150 – R200
  • FREE: Post event recap video
  • Polypro hoops are preferable but not essential
Things to Know for FIRE Workshops
  • Length: 2hrs long
  • Cost: R250
  • Fuel Provided
  • Props provided – OR shop props before.
  • FREE: e-Guide to Fire Handbook

Why do we recommend Polypro? These hoops are light and incredibly responsive to the movements of the body. This makes some of the more shifty speedy moves easier to achieve.

Up Coming Workshops
  • Rock your Hoop19th March 2016 – 4 Facilitators, 4 Workshops in 1 Day – To Be Tippy, Fires a’Light, Basil and Sandra-Dee – Stay connect on Facebook
  • Fire Dancing Workshop in collaboration with FlowDNA –  28th May 2016 – BOOK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE – Stay connected on Facebook
  • August 13th 2016 – Focus to be decided – Request what you would like to learn. Use the booking form below.


If you have a request for a specific set of skills or a specific hooper you would like to learn from let us know and we will make a plan to make it happen.

Movement Meditation and Exploration Sessions

These sessions call into awareness the intelligence of our bodies. By this I mean that when we give our bodies permission to move without being tied to the mental processes that trick and technique bring into play, our bodies begin to find themselves and their natural rhythm. Our bodies naturally know how to move and flow along the path of least resistance and this is something we can take with us into our everyday Life.

Meditation can be just as daunting and challenging as a 20km run for some people. As a hooper you have experienced those moments when everything falls away and all that is left is your dance with your hoop and it feels like bliss! Sometimes though we stagnate and find it hard to drop into that space.

These sessions are guided movement meditations and explorations. Each one guides you through a theme with 4 – 6 concepts to explore in the theme to specific music. We encourage participants to bring a journal along so that you can contemplate any emotions or physical abilities that may come up.

I believe that these sessions are a wonderful way to find your unique authentic style within the hoop as we explore creativity in our movement and integration of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our Self.

Things to Know
  • 45mins
  • Cost: R80
  • Sessions held in different venues


Up Coming Sessions
  • Sept 10th – AIR – Berglvliet Congregational Church Hall – BOOK BELOW – Stay Connected on Facebook
  • Oct 8th– EARTH
  • Nov 5th – WATER
  • Dec 3rd – FIRE

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