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Hoop Flow Love - Learn Hooping - Cape Town South Africa

Hooping Events

Find out what’s in store for 2018.

Fire workshops, MCHC2018, International Facilitators, Teacher Training, Hoop Making and Taping, Gatherings and Touring Workshops.

Upcoming Events

Hoop Flow Love - MCHC

MCHC – The Mother City Hoop Convention

MCHC is an annual hoop convention held in Cape Town. It brings South African hoopers together for one day, under one roof to learn and grow as a community. It’s a platform for hoop facilitators to share their passion through world class workshops and for hoopers to connect and play.

April 7th is MCHC2018 and we are super excited! It’s our 3rd year running and this year we have 7 workshops to choose from and three new facilitators.

Early Bird tickets will go on sale Thursday March 1st to Sunday March 5th. Early bird tickets are limited so get ready to book yours now.

You can find more information on our official MCHC page.

Hoop Flow Love Hoop Taping Workshop

Making and Taping Hoops – A creative workshop

Are you ready to make your own hoops? Are you ready to start making quality hoops to sell? We want to share with you what we have learnt along our path of hoop making.

It looks easy and in someways it is, but in others it requires a lot if skill and patience. It has taken Basil and I many years to achieve the standard we reach with our hoops and even now we feel there is more to learn.

Topics Covered

  • What pipe is right?
  • Tools
  • Tapes – Pros and Cons of different tapes.
  • Practice with different tapes
  • Make your own
  • Tape your own
  • Suppliers


  • April 14th
  • Venue – 11 Dolphin Crescent Fish Hoek – Hoop Flow Love Workshop / Our Home
  • Time – Saturday – 9:30am – 1pm
  • R500 – includes tea, coffee and light snacks, basic tapes, and one HDPE hoop
  • IMPORTANT SHINY TAPES – You are required to order your shiny tapes BY 16th FEBRUARY as they are imported and can take months to arrive. This cost is in addition to the R500.

Hoop Flow Love - Inspired Hoop Teacher Training

Inspired Teacher Training – Facilitating hoop classes from the heart

Sharing your passion for hoop dance is so much more than just showing somebody a new move. You can instruct or you can inspire. Our Inspired Teacher Training at its core is about guiding you as a facilitator to know what your strengths are and how you can use these to inspire your students along their hoop dance journey.

Topics Covered

  • Identifying the teacher
  • Knowing your strengths
  • Personal Development
  • Identifying your Students
  • Learning – Facilitating teqniques
  • Structuring and Planning
  • Basic Marketing


Physical classes run over two days offering opportunities for practical learning. Post physical classes students will have one month to complete fun development activities linked to the topics discussed in the physical classes.


There is no governing body for hoop dance teachers and there is no accreditation process. This means that while you will receive a certificate to state you have completed the course it is more a symbol of having invested in your personal development as a hoop dance facilitator.


  • May 5th and 6th 2018
  • Venue – Sea Point High School – Norfolk Rd
  • Time – Saturday – 9am – 2pm AND Sunday 9am – 1pm
  • R1500

Hoop Flow Love - Hoop Gatherings

Hoop Gatherings – Free spaces to play and connect

At random points throughout the year we like to host a gathering either in a park or on the beach. They’re free and fun for all members of the family.

Stay connected through our newsletter to find out when these events happen.

Hoop Flow Love - Touring Hoop Workshops

Touring Hoop Workshops

You may find us or one of our affiliate facilitators visiting your city to run workshops

Stay connected through our newsletter to find out where and when these workshops are happening. If you want us to visit your city let us know.

Past Events

Hoop Flow Love - International Facilitators - The Fiery Pixies

Doubles for Days with The Fiery Pixies

After 4.5 years spinning around the world, The Fiery Pixies are home for a short visit 🙂 We are excited to be able to bring home what we’ve learnt along our travels and share it with you. Come join us for a fun weekend exploring Twin/Double hooping. We’ll be teaching a combination of poi style hooping and manipulation and how to integrate this into your own flow.

General Details

  • Dates – 3rd & 4th February 2018
  • Venue – Sea Point High School
  • Time – 9:30am – 1pm both days
  • Cost – R500

Saturday Details

Workshop 1:

  • Fundamentals of twins
  • Weaves and weave variations
  • Windmill
  • Huggies

 Workshop 2:

  • Flowers and Geometry
  • Antispins and Inspins
  • Hybrids

Sunday Details

Workshop 3:

  • Isolations
  • Illusions
  • Manipulations
  • Hand switches
  • Cool trippy stuff 🙂

 Workshop 4:

  • Twin entries and exits
  • Twins body rolls
  • Throws

Hoop Flow Love - Fire Hooping Classes

Fire Workshop – Learn to spin fire safely

Our fire classes are for newbie fire spinners or those who have never been through a fire safety training. We cover the basics of fire safety in a spinners context. We create a safe space to play and give students the opportunity to drill some of the safety procedures.

Students have the opportunity to spin fire with a number of different props from hoop (for hoopers), fans, staff, palm candles and poi (for those with experience spinning poi). If you can hoop around your waist you can fire hoop!! Be daring this year and give it a go!


  • 1st class – January 31st 2017
  • Venue – Sea Point High School – Norfolk Rd
  • 6pm – 8:30pm
  • R250 / workshop

We Love sharing our knowledge, come join us in one of our many creative spaces.

6 week beginner courses, Multi-level classes, Private classes, Private workshops for your event

Weekly classes to inspire and challenge you, Private classes or workshops for your event

Fire Workshops, The Mother City Hoop Convention, International hoop facilitators in Cape Town.

Healing using the sacred spirals of hoop dance to connect with our authentic self.