Hoop Flow Love - Hoop Classes - Cape Town - South Africa
Hoop Flow Love - Hoop Classes - Cape Town - South Africa

Beyond Basics Classes


Do you feel frustrated, bored or stagnant in your hoop journey? Don’t worry we’ve all been there and we’ll all go there again. Everything in life runs in cycles. Sometimes you need a friend to help you get out of your slump and that’s what you’ll find in our beyond basics classes.

We aim to co-create a positive space with people who understand, people to inspire you and reignite your passion and people to simply laugh and have fun with.

Countless times we’ve had students say ‘I wish I had come to class sooner.’ It’s like a refreshing dip in the ocean on a hot summers day. So come drop in and join us. We promise it’s worth it.

  • Multi-Level Classes Sea Point
  • Weekly Classes Sea Point

What hoop do I need?

Bring the hoop that you always use and try out one of our many hoop sizes including loads of different sized polypro. You can always order what you want after trying a few in class and getting recommendations from other hoopers.

Hoop Flow Love - Beyond Basics Hoop Classes - Cape Town - South Africa

Multi-Level Classes

Multi-Level Classes occur in-between the 6 week beginner series. When there is a multi-level class there is NO REGULAR BEYOND BASICS class as everyone comes together.

These classes are spaces where all levels of hooper can connect. They are an invitation to people who want to try hooping and where students who have just completed their beginner series can practice moves they are still working on and connect with the beyond basics tribe. For Beyond Basics students it is a space to inspire others along there hoop journey and give back to the community. You will still learn something new in this class.

The class starts off together and then separates into two different group according to level and then comes together again at the end.

See dates below for Multi-Level Classes in your area.

Weekly Beyond Basics Classes


You come to these classes to be INSPIRED, to CHALLENGE your Self, to LEARN and to GROW through EXPLORATION and PLAY.

Our classes are planned around a theme and are collaborative spaces, meaning, students and facilitators bring hoop tricks to learn, adapt and integrate. Each theme runs for two weeks allowing students time to connect with new moves and integrate them into their flow.

This is a very organic space where the requests of each individual are taken into account. Ideas are bounced off each other and dynamic moves are co-created. We guide the students learning according to the level of the different students and ensure that everyone is participating through, questioning, supporting, drilling or sequencing.

Be courageous and trust that you will learn more by participating than trying to figure it all out on your own. We know, we’ve been there.


  • Arrive @ 7pm to stretch and warm up in your hoop on your own for 30 mins.
  • Facilitation starts at 7:30
  • Exploration exercise
  • Tricks, Technique and Drills
  • Integration and Mastery – Putting it all together
  • Free flow / movement meditation – Letting it go to find your wild spirit.


  • Venue is Sea Point High School
  • Drop in classes R100
  • Or can be attended in succession.
  • Suitable for students who have completed the beginner series or who have been practicing foundations on their own.
Themed Classes
  • Cost – R100 Drop in – See specials below
  • Venue – Sea Point High School – Norfolk Rd
  • Wednesday Evenings
  • Arrive at 7pm – 30mins own practice
  • Facilitated class starts 7:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Cost – R100
  • Venue – Sea Point High School – Norfolk Rd
  • Specific Wednesday Evenings
  • 6:30pm – 8pm
  • Dates – See below for multi-level dates
Hoop Flow Love Beyond Basics Classes Cost
Hoop Flow Love Beyond Basics Classes Cost
Hoop Flow Love Beyond Basics Classes Cost

Sea Point classes are CLOSED for WINTER. 2018 Spring dates to be announced soon. 

Please NOTE that on the dates of Multi-Level Classes, the class times are at 6:30pm – 8:00pm NOT the usual beyond basics times.

Hoop Flow Love - Private Beginner Hoop Classes - Cape Town - South Africa

Private Hoop Workshops

Connect with us to run a private workshop for you and your friends or for an event you are running.

Typical rates

  • R1500 – 1.5hrs – 6 – 10 people (R100 / person over 10 people)
  • R2000 – 2hrs – 6 – 10 people (R150 / person over 10 people)

We Love sharing our knowledge, come join us in one of our many creative spaces.

6 week beginner courses, Multi-level classes, Private classes, Private workshops for your event

Weekly classes to inspire and challenge you, Private workshops for you or your event

Fire Workshops, The Mother City Hoop Convention, International hoop facilitators in Cape Town.

Healing using the sacred spirals of hoop dance to connect with our authentic self.