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Hi and welcome. We hope that we inspire you to pick up a hoop and begin your journey.

From our Students

Your dedication and direction has placed a fire in our souls. You have inspired us to do the best to reach our goals. Thank you for putting in the extra effort into every lesson and making us work our asses off….

Your lessons will be remebered for as long as we live along with the funny moments shared in class. We will not forget your words of encouragement, that “Everything and anything is possible in this class and will always be” – TRUST and BELIEVE!

You’ve taught us about commitment, perseverance and hope. And as we go through life, we will be better able to cope: To cope with our struggles, our failures and success! Because we have been so blessed to have been taught by two of the world’s most amazing and inspiring hula hoop instructors!

Thank you Sandra and Basil,

Love Hoop Flow Love Class of 2015

Daniel Bailey

Long time student

I loved getting to know my body better and connecting with it. It’s quite a spiritual experience. You guys are perfect!


Beginner Student

For me it’s perfect. I like how the class is structured. learning all the new tricks….it’s so much fun!


Long Time Student

I enjoyed the good atmosphere in the class, the good teaching technique, the smiles and the music as well. Keep doing this amazing work guys! Thank you so much.

Simone De Santana

Beginner Student

 Why I Hoop


I hoop to inspire myself.

I hoop when I don’t think I can (achieve me hearts desire). I step into my hoop with courage. I challenge myself until I succeed; Until I can; Until I dissolve that false belief. Because deep down I know I can do anything.

I hoop to uplift my spirit.

I hoop because each time I do I grow, the more I grow the more I understand my Self, the more I return to my Self to BE my Self, to Love my Self. The best thing is…the more I learn to Love my Self the deeper I Love others.

I hoop for Love.
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Sandra Dee's Hoop dance teacher training certificate - Hoop Flow Love, Cape Town

Sandra Dee completed her Elemental Hoop Dance teacher training under Shakti Sunfire in January 2016. You can visit The Rhythm Way to see further confirmation of course completion as well as other hoop dance teachers trained under Shakti Sunfire.

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