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What a pleasure to have you stop by for a little bit of inspiration.

The hoop takes us on a journey that is filled with ups and downs, flows and wallows. As we continue we grow both personally and within the hoop. This is our space to share with you on a more personal level, our insights along the way.

If you have a story you would like to share please connect with us here so we can continue to inspire the world through collective experiences.

6 Lame Excuses

6 Lame Excuses – If not now, then when? How long have you been incubating that idea of yours? How many times have you rewritten it in your head or on paper? How many times have you said, “This year I’m going to do it,” and then it never... read more

What do you Practice

What do you Practice? What do you practice? What you practice you will become good at. So my question to you is what do you practice? Do you practice Joy in your life?……….. Or do you practice complaining?…………What do you... read more

Tough Times

5 Tips to make it through the tough times I don’t know about you but 2017 has truly been one of the most financially challenging years for us. I have found that finances are one of the top three most stressful aspects of my life and it affects EVERYTHING! Basil... read more

Healing through Hoop Dance

Medicine Circle Interested in healing through hoop dance? Sign up here, for updates. I'm Interested #METOO Healing through Hoop Dance The recent #metoo tag took over social media with women and men making themselves heard. It was started by Alyssa Milano who... read more

Hoop Classes vs YouTube

The Benefits of Attending Hoop Class AND learning from YouTube We’ve all turned to YouTube at one time or another to learn something new even if it is the instructional video for the pram you just bought. You can pretty much learn anything on YouTube but is it... read more

5 Green Places to Play in Cape Town

Cape Town is surrounded by so much natural beauty that places can often be taken for granted. I hope that this short look at 5 green places to play in Cape Town inspires you to go visit one (all) of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re over 50 or under 15,... read more

The Hoopers New Groove

SIX STEPS TO GROOVING IN MY HOOP AGAIN (And hopefully staying groovy) Spring is here HOORAY! I’m such a summer gal 🙂 Winter is a time for rest and rejuvenation so if you took a break from hooping don’t feel bad. In fact even if it’s not winter but... read more

Rock your Hoop 2016 and 2017

Rock your Hoop 2016 / 2017 The first Rock Your Hoop took place in Sea Point, Cape Town on March 19th 2016. To be honest, Sandy and I kind of threw it together last minute. We had just been married and arrived back from honeymoon up the east coast of South Africa,... read more

This is Me

This is Me I’ve grappled with this idea of creating videos of me hooping to upload into the vast ether world. I’ve been videoing my hoop journey since the very beginning for the sole purpose of trying to figure out where I was going wrong. Back in the day... read more

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