Our wider hoop community…

Circles of Life

Circles of Life is our sister non-profit organisation bringing flow-arts to under-resourced communities across South Africa.

Working hand in hand with other non-profits and the communities, their mission is to co-create spaces for play, exploration, expression and self-realisation using flow arts and gift communities with flow props to uplift and inspire themselves and others.

Visit www.circlesoflife.co.za to find out more. There are many ways you can get involved and support.

Follow them on twitter @CirclesofrLifeSA and like their page on Facebook:


Upcoming events:

March 2016 Holiday Programme: – 22nd – 24th March. Children and youth aged 8 – 18, from the Rainbow Youth Organisation and paying students come together to learn hoop, poi, staff, juggling, circus acrobatics and drumming. The programme is run in collaboration with Harmony Music Foundation and ActionArte. Funds from the paying students cover the cost of the program and extra funds are shared between collaborating organisations to further their individual programmes.

Facebook Event:

Tickets can be bought here.

July 2016 – Winter Circus Flow Festival: – 16th, 17th July – A two day drop in festival where people can come and learn a variety of different Flow and Circus arts in collaboration with ActionArte to raise funds for Circles of Life and ActionArte.

July 18th – Nelson Mandela Day:- Circles of Life will be collaborating with different organisations to bring a one day programme to children and youth of communities in Hout Bay. Details to follow.

Afrikaburn Flow Arts Commune

A community of flow artists and fire dancers that gather every year at AfrikaBurn to teach and entertain. The Flow Arts Commune is a theme camp situated on the binnekring and is a radical space to play, learn, gather and connect.

Fire dancers unite at the burning of the San Clan to create the magickal sight of the Dance of 1000 Flames.

You can connect with them on Facebook and look out for the awesome Flow Show fundraisers that happen in the lead up to The Burn.


World Hoop Day

Every year on an international, easy-to-remember date World Hoop Day volunteers invite their communities to share in the vision of creating a more peaceful world through play and giving back. World Hoop Day’s annual event recruits new hoopers through teaching lessons of hoop making and dance, sharing of music, food, games and laughter, and raising funds to distribute hoops to as many individuals in the world as possible.

The official date is always the first weekend of October. In 2016 this falls on Oct 1st.

You can visit www.worldhoopday.org to find out more about the events hosted around the world. Here in Cape Town different organisations celebrate in different ways. To stay up to date on what is happening go to the World Hoop Day Facebook page here.



Community Events

Stay connected with the greater community this way you always know what’s happening and find a hooper to come join you in the park J

South African Hula Hoopers – https://www.facebook.com/groups/SAHulaHoopers

Cape Town Hula Hoopers – https://www.facebook.com/groups/872609832751221/

Cape Town Flow Arts – https://www.facebook.com/groups/capetownflow/

South African Balance and Flow Arts Collective – https://www.facebook.com/groups/917533618300248/

Arise and Hoop – https://www.facebook.com/ariseandhoop/

Other Flow Arts Organisations

FlowDNA – Your one-stop-shop for anything flow – http://www.flowdna.co.za/

FireDesire Entertainment – National and International Fire Performers – http://www.firedesire.co.za/

Connect and Flow – Poi, Staff and Hoop products and classes – http://connectandflow.co.za/

Fires a’Light – Fire performer and Hoopdance facilitator – http://firesalight.co.za/

The Fiery Pixies – International Fire Performers – https://www.facebook.com/thefierypixies