Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire - Fire Spinners Camp - Cape Town 2016
Hoop Flow Love - Hooping Cape Town
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Circle of Fire Retreat

Circle of Fire is a gathering of fire spinners with the aim to co-create stories through movement. With no words, your body tells a story whether you are aware of it or not. When we dance in the flames we have a unique opportunity to inspire and move those who watch. We have the opportunity to tell a story that stirs something deep inside the on-looker. Circle of Fire is all about Soulful and Purposeful movement within the flames. For some it is purely a personal journey towards inspired movement and for others it will be a journey for more inspired performances.

Connection, Creation and Communication

These are the three concepts at the core of Circle of Fire.

Connecting to your Self and Others to find your authentic dance, telling your story, the human story.

Creation; We are creative by nature, creating our own lives and stories on a daily basis. Here we purposefully and consciously create through movement.

Communication is at the centre of all human connection whether we communicate through touch, sight, scent, sound or movement. When we learn to communicate authentically we connect on a deeper level, beyond the realm of word and into the realm of emotion. We communicate with our fellow performers and our audience to give them an experience they can feel.

2016 Theme – Transformation

Numerologically 2016 is the 9 year, which is the completion or ending of many things to make way for the new. This is a period of transformation and fire in its very essence is the element of transformation. It represents chaos and order, death and rebirth and a stripping away of what is no longer required in order for new growth to blossom.

We invite you to co-create movement show cases based on the theme of transformation, which you can share in the Circle on Saturday evening. There is no stage, only a circle of like-minded people to call on you, support and encourage you to tell your story. This is your tribe.

Circle of Fire Friday Schedule 2016
Circle of Fire Saturday Schedule 2016
Circle of Fire Sunday Schedule 2016
Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details
  • November 11th – 13th 2016
  • Gates open: 6PM on the 11th
  • Start Time: 8PM on the 11th
  • End Time: 11:30AM 13th
  • Venue: Porcupine Hills – Van Der Stel Pass
Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details
  • OWN TENT – R1450
  • SAFARI TENT – R1550
  • TWIN ROOM – R1650
  • Payment plans available
Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details
What to Bring
  • Sun-cream
  • Mozzy repellent
  • Swim costumes
  • Fire Props
  • Regular Spin toys
  • Yoga Mats (If you have)
  • Drinks – if you want more than spring water
  • Drums
  • Didge
  • Shakers
  • Tambourines etc….
Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Details
Facilitators and Workshops
  • Lanel van der Kolff – The Psychedelic Theatre
  • Marvin-Lee Beukes – The Psychedelic Theatre
  • Caitlin Leigh – Fire Tribe
  • Sandy-Dee – Hoop Flow Love
  • Contact Improvisation
  • Physical Theatre
  • Choreography
  • Fire – The Element
  • Yoga
  • Creative Conditioning
  • Performances
  • Q and A

Your Facilitators

Lanel van der Kolff – The Psychedelic Theatre

Actress, dancer, physical theatre performer, yoga instructor and producer. Lanel is founder of The Psychedelic Theatre in which she is well known for her skills with a fire hula-hoop. From a very young age Lanel felt a passion for dance and performance. She performed in her first production at the age of four and continued to train in other forms of dance like Modern, Jazz and African Contemporary throughout school. She completed a Drama degree at the University of Stellenbosch specializing in acting and physical theatre. It was during this time that she was introduced to fire dancing by her partner Marvin-Lee Beukes. Lanel works as a freelance actress and performer in the film, television and theatre industry and has produced her own shows like Vuvuzela in 2010 and Dans van die Vlamme since 2011 till 2016. Lanel also works with various other theatre and performance companies in South Africa, Namibia and in Italy.

Marvin-Lee Beukes – The Psychedelic Theatre

Marvin began exploring movement and physical theatre while studying drama at the University of Stellenbosch. Poi artistry became a serious focus for Marvin in his first year of studies, and since becoming a founding member of Psychedelic Theatre in 2010, fire performance has developed alongside his acting skills. Marvin’s dogged attention to detail infuses his technique, and his sense of play innovates inimitable mastery. He’s main focus is poi and fire breathing but he has also been seen dabbling in rope dart. As an actor Marvin has appeared in television productions like the M-net television drama League of Glory; the popular Kyknet drama Vloeksteen; the Kyknet series Byl (2014) and a role in Father (2012) his first feature film. In 2011 Marvin became involved with educational theatre, touring South African schools. Marvin thrilled Namibian audiences as part the circus-art based Vau de Ville cast (2012).

Caitlin Leigh – Fire Tribe

Caitlin began whacking herself in the face with poi at the end of her high school career. She was soon after taken in by the pyromantics of FireTribe and started working as a fire dancer. That was 11 years ago now, and the face whacking has diminished significantly. Over the years she has also learnt fans, staff and hoop and went from performing for FireTribe to managing the troupe and the company. She has been teaching poi for many years and does the choreography and training for the FireTribe performance team who have performed at countless, high profile events around the Western Cape. In 2015 she led (ie cat herded) The Flow Arts Commune of AfrikaBurn (the home to fire dancers in Tankwa Town) and orchestrated The Dance of 1000 Flames. She has spent time training with G from the UK as well as Mel and Fyodor AntiSpinner from Russia. Her other influences are too numerous to really mention but do include several years of ballet training. For her, poi and fire dancing is a powerful form of self-expression that allows her to communicate not just with her audience, but also with her own soul.

Sandy-Dee – Hoop Flow Love

Sandy-Dee has been hooping with fire since 2010 after making her own fire hoop. She has since dabbled in fans, fire skirts and palm candles. Sandy-Dee typically plays fire for the love of playing fire but has performed as an independent artist at a variety of different events most often along-side her husband Basil. Sandy-Dee’s passion lies in teaching and story telling. She has a post-grad certificate in education focusing on the foundation phase where children’s imaginations are given permission to run free. As adults we often lose this ability to imagine and create from the heart and she believes that movement and storytelling are processes that support us to live from an authentic space. Fire dancing and in particular within the hoop has been a powerful tool for transformation within her own life and this is something she wants to share. Sandy-Dee is also a certified Elemental Hoop Dance teacher having studied under Shakti Sunfire and has also completed her Introduction to Metaphysics through MetaVarsity both of which have taught her tools to become self aware and have ignited a yearning for soulful expression.


Your Venue

Porcupine Hills is about 2hrs out of Cape Town nestled in the Van der Stel Pass. There is a beautiful river that runs just below our site and some stunning hikes can be enjoyed. In the communal area where the twin rooms and self camping are situated there are two plunge pools to get some reprieve from the heat.

Full Schedule

We have packed this weekend with amazing workshops and activities starting with a conversation on what fire means to you through yoga, contact improvisation, physical theatre, choreography and creative conditioning. On Saturday evening everyone has the opportunity to present their story with fire in a circle of friends. On Sunday there is reflection followed by time to relax or go exploring before the final lunch.

Accommodation Types and Payment Plans

OWN TENT – R1450

Bring your own tent and sleeping gear. Camp by a little stream near the communal space.

SAFARI TENT – R1550 / person

Two man safari tent with comfy mattresses ready and waiting for you. Bring your own linen. Share with a friend or make a new friend.

TWIN ROOMS – R1650 / person

Two person room with single beds and en suite bathroom of basic basin, shower and toilet. Share with a friend or make a new friend.

LUXURY CHALET – R1850 / person

Two person room with double bed and en suite bathroom. Best to share with a friend. There is only one luxury chalet available.

Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat - Cape Town - Nov 2016
Hoop Flow Love - Circle of Fire Retreat Cape Town - Nov 2016