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Beginner Hula Hoops

Has your inner child been yearning to pick up a hula hoop and give it a spin? Our beginner hula hoops are perfect for your hips; slightly weighty for momentum, slightly larger for graceful movements and brightly coloured because everyone needs some colour in their life. All our hoops are hand made by us personally with loving intention. We hope that you find what you are looking for and that it brings you years of joy.


These hoops are made of HDPE pipe;

You can choose to have your hoop made into a coil travel hoop for an extra R100.


Thank you and have fun choosing.

Hoop Flow Love Hoop Sizes

  • Adult Large 105cm
  • Adult Medium 100cm
  • Adult Small 95cm
  • Adult XSmall 91cm (36″)
  • Kids Large 86cm (34″)
  • Kids Medium 81cm (32″)
  • Kids Small 76cm (30″)

Coil Travel Hoops

  • HDPE Hoops coil all the way down for travel
  • Cost is extra R100 on HDPE hoops
  • Polypro hoops coil to 3/4 DO NOT COIL COMPLETELY
  • All Polypros are coil unless requested otherwise


#hula4love R200

R20 donated to Circles of Life – Flow Arts NPO

These Hula hoops are our heaviest hoops because of the tape we use. Being heavier they tend to move slower. Great for learning your foundation skills and super slow jams.

Scroll through the gallery to see examples of what we have made before.

Hula for Love Order

15 + 1 =


Examples of Spin4Love Hoops

Spin4Love R350

Our Spin4Love hoops are perfect for the beginner as they are heavy and tend to move slowly. They have thick grip tape and sparkle. Scroll through the examples of hoops we’ve made before. Tell us your two-colour combination and we’ll create a radical hoop for you.

Spin for Love Order

14 + 11 =

Cosmic Sparkle Hoops

Cosmic Sparkle – R350

Our Cosmic Sparkle hoops are taped in the very best of imported tapes. They are super sexy, heavy enough for a beginner but light enough to have as your ‘Next’ Hoop. Choose a multi-tape option OR a single tape with inner grip tape. Tell us your favourite colour combo or request our rainbow scheme Rainbow hoops are R400. TRUST US, you’ll love what we create for you.

Cosmic Sparkle Order

1 + 14 =

Hoop Tapes In Stock

Click on an image and scroll to see which tapes we have in stock. Select these tapes for your Spin4Love and Cosmic Sparkle Hula Hoops. NOTES:

  • The tapes are NOT for sale.
  • Colours may vary slightly due to photos and computer screen resolutions

Other Hoop Options

Choose from a variety of different coloured and taped Polypro. Pre-Made and Custom Made