Hoop Flow Love Flowground for Festivals Cape Town
Hoop Flow Love - Hooping - Cape Town

The FlowGround for Festivals

The FlowGround is a dedicated space for playing, learning and purchasing flow toys. With our shady 8m x 9m Bedouin tent we create a shaded space for adults and children to rest while a multitudeĀ of Flow Toys are provided for allĀ to play with. We bring two facilitators to guide appropriate use of flow toys and maintain safety in the FlowGround at all times.

The FlowGround is an amazing space for festivals, carnivals, markets and other large events, we even do weddings! We have participated in The Green Village at Rocking the Daisies, Spirit Fest and several school fairs.

You can tailor our primary package by adding extras to suit your budget and your needs.


Hoop Flow Love - Festival Flow Ground for Hire - Cape Town

Standard Package

R2500 – 1 Full Day

Bedouin Tent

Chill Space

Flow Toys to play

Flow Toys on sale

Hoop Flow Love - Festival Flow Ground for Hire - Cape Town - Extras


Prices for extras are negotiable :)

More Days

Hoop Workshops

Face Painter

Drum Circle Workshop


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