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Find your Flow, Feel the Joy, Be Creative


We’ve all been there, that space where the demands of the 9-5 drain our ALIVENESS, our ability to get EXCITED in anything. Our CREATIVITY becomes blocked and slowly our LIFE-FORCE dwindles affecting our capacity to LOVE, PLAY AND PERFORM.

In our workshop we use the hoop as a tool to stimulate the energy that uplifts us and inspires us to be creative in all areas of our lives from love to work. We encourage businesses to keep a few hoops in the office so that your employees can take creative breaks every day, taking 5 mins to close your eyes and move out of the mind and into the body to rejuvenate and stimulate the flow of energy.

My personal experience within the hoop has been a profound one. The biggest impact has been how I feel about my Self. I was so afraid of failure I didn’t even want to try, I believed that others would always be better at a job than I was. The hoop opened my eyes to the infinite possibility of success because all of a sudden I was doing something I never thought possible. I began trying new things in all areas of my life challenging my Self in the work space. I had more confidence in the social world and began to enjoy being me. I had more fun, the type of fun that didn’t leave me feeling like crawling under a rock the next day. I actually began to love being me.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a corporate job, a creative job, a stay at home mom job, Life is life and there are always challenges and these challenges are better met when you feel good about your Self and this is what all our learning spaces are about within the hoop.

Why have we chosen the Hula Hoop?


  • Core Strength: – Protect your body especially your back and improve your posture by developing your core strength with the hoop.
  • Joint Mobility and Muscle Tone:- Hooping is a low impact activity that improves joint mobility and tones while you spin. As you discover more tricks you begin activating new parts of your body giving you a full body tone.
  • Optimum weight:- Hooping a little bit every day or even a few times a week is great for burning excess fat.
  • Mood Enhancer:- As your heart rate increases your body increases those happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine. You don’t even need to do it for that long before you feel on top of the world again! Also hooping naturally makes you laugh and smile.
  • Brain Power:- Even as adults we are still learning new things. The more new things we try and challenge ourselves with the stronger our brain becomes. Hula hooping challenges you with new moves all the time making you smarter!
  • Balance:- Our left and right brains need to work together for us to have physical balance. In hooping we are using the left brain for planning and problem solving tricks and the right brain for the creative expression through dance.The extra spin-off is a balanced mental and emotional attitude.
  • Confidence Booster:- Ever feel like you really want to dance but you don’t have the rhythm? Yip, that was me, until I found the hoop and all of a sudden I had a dance partner that moved with me, never laughed and loved my body. The confidence I found in the hoop spread into other areas of my life.
  • Performance Enhancer – When you feel good physically and emotionally and your brain is growing in strength and capacity you will naturally perform better at anything you put your mind to.
  • Peace to the World – YES! When you are rocking life, your energy vibrates and affects all those around you, inspiring them to get moving and grovin, creating a chain reaction.

Standard Package

  • R1500
  • 1hr workshop
  • 20 people max
  • Locations in and around Cape Town

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