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Event Experiences

Hoop Flow Love’s event experiences grew out of requests from people like you. They saw us doing what we love and being great at it and realised that people doing what they love always brings a great energy to any event.

We do professional fire and LED performances with our unique hoop troupe called The Elemental Light Artists. We do super fun kids hula parties and uplifting and inspiring corporate wellness workshops. We even create flow spaces at festivals and markets for people to relax or spin to their hearts content.

Whatever it is we are sure to inspire joy, laughter and flare.

Elemental Light Artistry

Fire and LED performances

Corporate Flow Workshops

The Hoop as a tool for upliftment and creativity

The FlowGround

Bedouin tent, flow toys and workshops for Festivals, Weddings and Markets

Kids Hula Hoop Parties

Kids hoop parties at your home, you let us know what you want!

The Awaken Station

Full festival spiritual space with professional yoga, flow and meditation workshops.

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