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Hoop Flow Love About Us Basil and Sandy-Dee love and passion for Hoop Dance
Hoop Flow Love - Hooping - Cape Town
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Hoop Flow Love was born out of our love and passion for each other and the hoop.


Our  mission is to inspire people to choose Love – Love your body, your essence, your life;  to follow your dreams and be courageous.

Basil Scordilis Hooping Cape Town

Hoopmaster Basil a.k.a Squirrel

Hooping came to me and I kind of got lost in that circle as well as in the community here in Cape Town. I also try to remember that I play with a plastic circle as a part of my livelihood so I can’t really get too serious and about it

Hooping has built in me a confidence that hasn’t been present in my life before. I’m more willing to try new things, follow my dreams and simply be myself. Teaching people to hoop is one of my biggest inspirations in that way. It’s my moving meditation, where I can safely centre myself.

Hoopqueen Sandy a.k.a Mrs. Squirrel

The hula hoop has been a life changing experience for me. I began my journey in 2008 in Taiwan, where my friend Amy-Jo and I spent countless hours working our way through as many tricks as we could learn. It unlocked a part of me that I had forgotten existed; it unleashed a fresh flow of inspiration, creativity, and expression and taught me to live from a space of authenticity.

Hooping is my expression, my healing, my meditation. It provides me with a channel for love, and through teaching I am able to share this love and joy.

Sandra-Dee Scordilis Hooping Cape Town
Basil and Sandy-Dee Hoop Flow Love Cape Town

Learn to hoop with us.

Sandra-Dee first began teaching hoop dance in 2011. “I began with five colleagues after work on a Friday afternoon in my garden in Cape Town. I had so much fun and realised that teaching came naturally to me and I really enjoyed it.” Sandra-Dee has been teaching ever since and is a certified Foundation Phase Teacher and an accredited Elemental Hoop Dance Teacher under Shakti Sunfire. Basil naturally slipped into the teaching as Sandra-Dee’s wing man and has become a talented teacher in his own right, developing his own unique style. He has been teaching since 2013.

We make it our mission to facilitate each learning space as a couple, where our unique energies give each student the opportunity to learn in different ways.

As we learn and grow our style and energy shifts. Our students constantly challenge us and are a part of what makes us grow. This is why we love to teach.

Sandra Dee's Hoop dance teacher training certificate - Hoop Flow Love, Cape Town

Sandra Dee completed her Elemental Hoop Dance teacher training under Shakti Sunfire in January 2016. You can visit The Rhythm Way to see further confirmation of course completeion as well as other hoop dance teachers trained under Shakti Sunfire.

Wanna come and play with us?

Hoop Flow Love hula hoop cape town

Our wonderful partners

MetaVarsity is the School of Metaphysical Studies offering short and long term courses that delve into your personal spiritual development and provide tools for living a harmonious life.
Jon Peer Bouwer has over 15 years experience in fire flow art design and performance. Fire Tribe are the trusted engineers of our performance fire and LED hoops.
Duncan Greenwood is a big part of our flow family. Duncan is always spinning and creating new flow toys, you can find our hoops online atFlow DNA and in the EARTH DNA shop in Plumstead Cape Town.
Circles of Life is our non-profit sister organisation. You can find out more about what we do on our community page or go directly to circlesoflife.co.za