Online Beginners Hoop Dance Course


Are you new to hooping and don’t know where to start? Are you already a hooper and want to start teaching?


Our hugely successful six week beginner hoop dance series is being converted into a comprehensive online course.


The course is for the absolute beginner. It covers all the basics needed to kickstart your hooping journey. It is also an excellent resource for budding hoop dance teachers. Use the concepts and create your own teaching rhythm.


Our beginner hoop dance series has brought joy and healing to many hoopers around South Africa and the world.


Make the joy yours!

Healing with Hoop Dance – Taiwan


In this specialized hoop dance workshop for women, I will show you how the hoop can be a tool for healing.


Through meditation and body movement I will guide you in reconnecting  to your body and calming your mind. My aim is for you to experience yourself as the feminine divine.


These intimate workshops are by request only.  To find out more email Sandy

Hoop Workshops – Taiwan 


Have you always wanted to try hooping?


Do you want to upskill yourself and learn something new?


We run catered hoop dance workshops in Taiwan, by request only.

A minimum of 6 people is needed so bring your friends!


To set up a hoop workshop, or for more info, email us