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What do you Practice?

What do you practice? What you practice you will become good at. So my question to you is what do you practice? Do you practice Joy in your life?……….. Or do you practice complaining?…………What do you practice? Do you practice anger? Because if you do, you’ll become very good at it.

These are the words spoken by a young boy. Whether they are his words or someone else’s the message is simple and so profound


I was so taken by this message it made me think very carefully about my 2017 year. I practiced a lot of not such great thoughts and my year despite the beautiful birth of our son was very challenging.

Creating life and being responsible for his little life, his discovery of this world and his understanding of how life works has made me incredibly conscious of what I practice especially what I practice in front of him. In the past I have practiced worry and I have become VERY good at worrying and therefore VERY good at stressing.

I don’t pretend as though everything is alright when it isn’t, rather I acknowledge the emotion, share it if need be and then find a true and positive thought or action to focus on and practice.

Be careful what you subconsciously practice. Make a commitment to practice what you desire, what you dream of and those dreams will come true and you will be very good at that dream.

So how can we make a shift to practice what we strive for?

I have a made a list of things I want to practice more of in my life. Some of them I do quite well, some I have an unfounded fear of, others I’m simply being lazy and others I haven’t been doing at all. So here they are.

  • I practice courage – trust, write more it doesn’t have to be perfect, sing more Basil-Alan has no idea that it’s out of tune, if it doesn’t work out try it a different way or try something new it’s ok.
  • I practice action – If I say I’m going to do it, then I do it. I start it and I finish it without delay.
  • I practice joyfulness – finding fun in the mundane, adventures in everyday living, positive opportunities in the obstacles, gratitude for the small things.
  • I practice love – creative ways to nurture my husband, connecting with friends, communicating with family, kindness to strangers.
  • I practice abundance – gratitude for the many things I have, focusing on what I have, not on what I have not, giving to others.
  • I practice health – making time to and enjoying cooking, hooping, juggling, taking barefoot walks, swimming in the ocean, meditating.

I am a very visual person so I have made a desktop background to remind me of these practices. You can make a physical poster like a vision board or come up with another creative way to remind yourself of your practices.