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The Benefits of Attending Hoop Class AND learning from YouTube

We’ve all turned to YouTube at one time or another to learn something new even if it is the instructional video for the pram you just bought. You can pretty much learn anything on YouTube but is it the right place to turn to when learning physical activities?

I’ve wanted to go back to yoga classes for years and attend contemporary dance classes. Each time I decided to learn from YouTube, mostly because I either couldn’t afford classes or the class times were not accessible to me.  Both times have led to a very short-lived or non-existent practice.

It takes a very specific type of person to learn a physical skill from YouTube and I have realised that I am not that person. I thrive on physical interaction, I need the reassurance that I am doing it correctly and when I am challenged I need that support to get it right. Don’t get me wrong I learn loads from YouTube but I feel that I would achieve my goals so much quicker if I had a guide.

If you are a new to hooping I will say straight up honestly, classes are far superior especially classes that are structured specifically for the beginner in mind. It will save you months of frustration and hours of wading through hundreds of YouTube videos. I know because back in 2008 I didn’t have a choice, there were no classes where I was, thankfully there were probably less than a fifty tutorials on line too, but my progress was very slow.

My hoop journey has been completely YouTube based learning. It has only been in the last year that I’ve attended hoop workshops run by other people. What was awesome was, even in the workshop where I knew a lot of what was being taught, I had such fun and I still learnt so much. I learnt new ways of doing the same thing and new ways of teaching, which for me is so important to my growth as a teacher. One of our primary purposes of Hoop Flow Love is creating spaces where we as a community can learn from each other and that is what we aim to achieve with our beyond basics classes.

I watch as our students pick up things in 10 mins that took me weeks even months to figure out. I laugh and congratulate them on how easily they are grasping the new skills, and inside I’m going, “Damn I wish I had a physical teacher along my journey.”

Our students often respond with praise for our teaching skills and space, and we are honoured and grateful that they feel this way. While we all know a good teacher and a welcoming environment can make or break a students progress in anything, I truly believe there is more to it.

You, the student have a direct impact on the success of your learning. If you believe that there is no point in coming to class because you can learn it all on your own then you’re probably right. But if you arrive at class with an openness to learning you will walk away with more than a new skill but also a full soul because you are interacting with the energy of real people, people who are laughing and having fun.


A little while ago a student in our beyond basics class said, “I wish I had come to classes sooner.” It’s not because class is better, it’s the social aspect that makes the learning journey so exciting and rewarding. Many students come to class after trying to figure things out on the Tube and they are learning things that I hadn’t even tried. As a teacher I am inspired by them and together we unlock the steps to making new tricks successful because a second or third pair of eyes can pick up the small details that aren’t working out that on your own you can’t see.


To have a blossoming hoop journey I believe you should use the resources of both YouTube and classes. Here I have listed all the pros of both avenues of learning.

If you are on a pure YouTube journey I hope this inspires you to find a class near you where you can share and be supported, and if you are finishing up a beginners series I hope this inspires you to begin the mind blowing, while somewhat intimidating journey through YouTube.

The 6 Pros of YOUTUBE

  1. Cost nothing but data.
  2. You can learn what you want when you want.
  3. You have so much to choose from.
  4. You are not limited by the style and skill set of your facilitator
  5. You can learn at your own pace.
  6. You can learn in the comfort of your own home.

The 8 Pros of CLASSES

  1. You get to engage with real people who share the same passion as you.
  2. You can celebrate your successes with someone as they happen.
  3. You have immediate support when figuring out challenging skills.
  4. Every student brings new skills which can be shared helping each other grow beyond any limiting boundaries you may have placed on yourself.
  5. It is much easier to stay motivated and inspired.
  6. There is large amounts of space to jam in.
  7. You make new and life long friends.
  8. You learn a lot faster with direct help