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From My Heart

It felt right to start off our new blog on our new website with a story about new beginnings, new beginnings for Basil and I.

It was the hoop that brought us together as a couple back in 2012, and when we went our separate ways to collect our thoughts, mend our hearts and figure out who we were in this crazy world, it was the hoop that brought us back together at the end of 2013. That moment when we realised that what we had created was more than a blossoming friendship but a life-long partnership was overwhelming, in a good way. There were tears and hugs and all the good stuff that goes with realising you have been reconnected, that your soul sees the soul of the other and jiggles with joy.

Now 2 years later on the 29th Feb 2016 we are honouring each other and our commitment in that thing called marriage (a word that seems to hardly encapsulate the depth of this honour) and we are so excited. So thank you, for being a part of our journey. Without the students, hoop purchasers and clients of Hoop Flow Love, we may not have got the chance to jiggle our souls for eternity AGAIN.

Love and Blessing to all of you. Keep on Dreaming, Keep on Believing, Keep on Loving.

In Gratitude,